I’ve been silent for a very long time, finishing my dissertation and internship and stuff. Generally just stressing around.

Went back home to Groningen during June, had fun with friends and family. My little sis now has her motorcycle license as well so it was happy times with me, my dad and my little sis riding with each other. Also met up with like minded folk at a V50 Nato Rally in Twente organized by Mark who also runs: this website and this Facebook page. Photobombed all my classmates at their graduation photo and ate to many good unhealthy Dutch stuff.

Also started with an instagram page which can be found right here.

Current plan:

  • Make money during the week
  • Save bucket loads of money
  • Spend whats left during the weekend
  • Go to the South Island January / February
  • In March I`ll ship my stuff over to Ozzy to work, travel and save for another year
  • The year after that, go to Canada and do a working holiday as well if I get in
  • Save some more
  • After Canada, hopefully have enough to make my way down to South America on my little steed.


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