Bit late but oh well.. tiny bit of text.

So I went to Christchurch from 2 October the 6th and see my “old” flatmate Sven from Groningen. And damn it was cold compared to Auckland. He dropped me of to so I could grab something to eat at a Sushi restaurant… but he dropped me of in front of Burger & Beer in Sydenham. So… I got a delicious hamburger.

The 2nd day he gave me a private tour of the city (he’s helping in the rebuild) which consisted of him saying: “that’s going down, this will be demolished, etc…” to almost everything in sight. The tour was followed by me going to Quake city and a after that full day of walking through the city on my own. Which ended once again at the Burgers & beer.

Damaged street

Had my first BBQ in NZ with Sven and some his friends, got to see Godley head and could just enjoy the nature that was all around.

Godley head

I must say that Christchurch is a beautiful city and a nice change from Auckland, but the damage the 2011 quake did was still everywhere to see, and results in a somewhat creepy city to stay in. They have a great opportunity to change the city into something magnificent and I hope they will.

Some Photo’s

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  1. Very beautiful pictures. What a damage from the earthquake! Enjoy your trip and your work there.

    1. Thank you Jan, and I will make sure I do that. There is a lot to explore and do over here.

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