Day 10 – Farewell spit

Nice morning ride to Farewell spit which was pretty but not really breathtaking. Having a coffee and creamy fish pie at the spit however was. Would love to make my house out of that place. The view is stunning.

dsc01190Afterwards I went to farewell cape because one of my friends mentioned seals. And there were seals, happily playing and sunbathing down below from the most northern punt of the south island.
Since I needed to get my ass to Kathmandu I couldn’t stay around to long. Continuing my trip to Nelson I came across Bas2 again. Hitchhiking instead of boarding. Lazy bastards :p.dsc01195
Did the warranty thing, ended up chilling outside a pub in Nelson at the foot of church hill? Drinking a lovely apple juice and figuring out what kayaking tour I should do and where I should camp.
During these hectic times 3 guys came over because curiosity got the best of them. Three friends from Perth who riding around nz on BMW 1200GS’s. One of them owns an Irish pub in Perth so cards were exchanged and promises to come over made.
From Nelson it was back to Matueka to stay the night. Booked two nights because of kayaking but… not impressed by the place at all. Not worth the 20 dollars per night although 1gig of Internet is included.

The only positive thing so far in this place is that the owners are nice and I ended up chatting with a lady from Amsterdam. She’s travellingaround the south island for 2 weeks using “public transport”. Good times, and then it was time to sleep.

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