Day 3 – Cape Reinga and back to Mark.

Started the day at about 7am packing everything and throwing it onto the bike. Because I lacked a mug and thus couldn’t make a nice coffee or tea.  Drive to the other end of the campsite and chat in Dutch.

All three of us still needed to see the cape and the lighthouse so we decided to ride together after exchanging some nice bits and pieces of roads and chocolate factories.


At the cape sunny as it is we were happily sweating like crazy in our gear. But ticked off another thing of the bucket list and saw some really nice views.


Time for me to head south I decided to stay another night with Mark and follow him through some nice scenery tomorrow.  Guido & Lilian wanted to see 90 mile beach so they turned off the main road halfway through.

Once I arrived back into the town we fueled up in yesterday, I felt Dutch enough to stop at the local bakery cafe thing. A lovely and surprisingly delicious apple pie and long black joined me at the table while I was happily enjoying my time in the shade. Worked a bit on the posts of this blog and uploaded two. And did some quick WhatsApping before heading out of cellphone range again.

At that little place I decided that I would stay another night with Mark. Didn’t feel like doing a serious ride and go to Auckland when the ride would start after 3pm. So I ended up helping Mark and his neighbour Jim to move 15 silage bails at 500kgs each to their final destination. Working on the bails with 3 people a little tractor and piece of plywood used as a sled….. it cost a good 5 hours to finish the job.

At least I’ll get another good night’s sleep out of it and I met some more nice people in the form of Marks neighbours.

A lovely day that ended after 12pm and with not enough photos.

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