Day 4 – Trip along the coast and back to AKL

Today was a reasonably short day, not much interesting stuff and not many photo’s. It results in a very very short blog that I uploaded way way to late.

Another beautiful night in the caravan and going from my previous experience in this exact same caravan…. I’ve learned the nights can be cold so this time around I ordered my thermals to keep me warm, and they did. A nice breakfast with some more sausages and coffee followed shortly after waking up. According to Mark I have an uncanny nose for coffee, just like the last night I spent there, I entered the kitchen just as he finished his batch. Probably my dads fault.

Washed the bike a bit this morning to get rid of the salty sand from 90 mile beach and did some more rearranging. Putting the book you’re reading in the bottom of the panniers isn’t exactly the smartest spot. All in all got myself more space again, love getting more efficient at packing stuff.

We left Marks place around noon and headed south east to do a coastal route along Whangaroa and Mataui Bay followed by afuel up at Waipapa. At Waipapa we said our goodbyes, Mark went shopping and I continued my journey back to Auckland. Doing one of the more boring option….. highway 1.

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