Day 7 – I’m on a boat

So Corin’s campsite definitely was an interesting one. One of our neighbours was making very weird noises. A lady snored in a way that made me think she was faking an orgasm while the husband was sleeping, and my golden idea of using a wooden picnic table as a barrier between me and another weird guy proved to be gold. The guy walked straight into the table at night which saved me from having a sudden sleeping buddy in/on my tent.

dsc01148Anyhoo the goal of today was very simple, reach the south island. And so I set “sail” to the Blue Bridge ferry terminal in Wellington. Didn’t book a thing, got put on the standby list and 1 1/2 hours or so later I was on the boat.



While waiting I met a guy called Donald. Going to Christchurch on his bike to spend a good two weeks with family that lives there. Meeting him definitely made the time go faster as we claimed our spots on the top deck. …. in the burning sun of course.

After arriving in Picton Donald went on his way to Blenheim to sirens the night and I was of to Nelson. Highway 43 was stunning but the ride from Picton to Nelson was equally good.DCIM100DRIFT

In Nelson I ended up on the biggest campsite on the southern hemisphere apparently. It is huge, definitely the biggest one I’ve seen in NZ so far, the sunset was a nice perk with this location though.dsc01162

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