Day 9 – “Famous last words” & Bas²

So I really shouldn’t have said the boring part yesterday. The weather was quite interesting, but the fact that my airmatress went KABOOM on me wasn’t. Hopefully the temporary fix for the night works, but I`ll definitely be heading towards the Kathmandu shop in Nelson tomorrow to do a warranty talk.

Other than that, the weather started to calm down around 10’ish am, by 12 is was just drizzling.  Texted Bas² to see where they were and low and behold, they’re in the same little place as me, Takaka. A nice 10 minute walk after that I met up with them at their backpackers. Had a nice chat and watches Guardians of the Galaxy. (Their Facebook)

Ended up going back to my tent, take a shower (my o my the showers on this campsite are amazing) and do some updating on this site.

Uneventful but very fun day, there’s a chance I`ll meet up with them again tomorrow. If not then, then it’ll be later as we all continue our travels. New Zealand is to small not to bump into each other.

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