First ride, first problems

So as I said I finally have my bike with me again and am happy as (trying to fit in with the kiwi’s). But sadly it broke down on me on the first ride. And got picked up by MRS as I said. Took some pictures though before that all happened. And you see them being used in this post (except for the featured image)

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The battery was just in a really bad shape. So of I went with a spare battery I shipped over with the bike (has a date on there from 1994), had it filled with battery acid at Cycletreads, got myself a trickle charger from them as well and left it charging for a night. Installed the battery in the morning, and after some war sounds (put the ignition on 180 degrees wrong) got the 51 up and running again :D. Stationary everything was exactly the way it should be. But under load it still died down on the right cylinder.

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Checked the choke cables but that seemed ok, did not stay open. So next thing I did was look at the spark plugs, looked fine and did spark, nice brown colour as well. Switched them around but didn’t help. After that I removed the bottom of the carburettor, and man the insides looked like crap.  A lot of rubbish in there clogging the thing up. So next thing to do was cleaning out the ecosystem that was in there and choking it when I wanted to move. Left carb looked clean as. (see that, getting the hang of that ‘as’ word)

Now that the engine gets fuel and has a decent battery, all seems well again!! Carburation is probably a tiny bit off so I`ll have to tinker with that just a little bit. But now I can explore the beautiful country called New Zealand. (pictures are from just before I broke down. I`ll make some more once I get back from Wellington)

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