In between updates

I’ve been working on a couple of videos and continuing going through all the footage that I’ve got. The results so far:

#1 – some bits and pieces from the North Island at the start and after that it’s all the way from Picton (Queen Charlotte Drive) to the Bannockburn bikeweek

#2 – My very first off-road experience. Probably a bit to tough to start out on, but very happy I did it. Everything else afterwards just seemed easy.

#3 – Carrick Town was a one day video. This Central Otago one spans 3 days, 4th day was a break day for me. The drop in this video was about 40Km’s into the Old Womans Range and busted my knee. Was quite painful to walk with and such. One day of rest fixed it.

#4 – So this is when Bannockburn bikeweek ends. Went to the Vincent County Rally afterwards, rode around a bit more with my mates and new friends made at the Rally.

Trying to find my photos and sort them in such a way so it somewhat makes sense to go with the posts. It’s delaying everything quite a bit so I ended up playing with the videos instead. I`m also on the hunt for more music to put under these kind of videos…. all the tips are welcomed!

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