It is here!

So I finally got the message that I could pick up the 51 last Thursday (4/12/14). Immediately rented a truck with tail lift at Auckland vehicle rentals in Rosedale.

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With the truck it was time to go pick up my little baby at Burnard International where it had it’s MPI inspection and IVS? I was just so happy to finally it back with me that I stopped at the side of the road, borrowed a crowbar from a company and unpacked the crate in the back the rented truck.

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With finally having seen my baby again, I went of to the VINZ station in mt. Wellington to for the entry certification and WOF. But first I had to go to a petrol station and put some petrol in the tank and a bit of air in the tyres. Which probably looked somewhat funny.

Just imagine a truck backup to a compressor. The hose going in the back of the truck, some noises coming out of there (was hot and cramped). Followed by a guy leaving the back of the truck with just a fuel tank from a motorcycle. Just to fill it up a bit, pay (of course), get the tank back into truck, connect everything again (lots of noises because it’s still cramped and way to hot). Followed by more noises and puffing, which was followed by a nice little roar of the engine firing up. Best day of my life in NZ so far!

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So all of that was witnessed by a guy working at the petrol station with some amusement. The little 51 got complimented on sounding very nice, and I was told that I would need to find Jesus in my life and spread his word. (thanks but no thanks) All in all a nice guy, we shook hands and of I went to the VINZ.

At the VINZ it was time to remove the bike from the back of the truck, which was a bit harder than I expected (lift was a bit smaller than I had hoped for) but after about 15 minutes it was finally free. Rode it to mr. G Cheng who would certify and WOF it for me. Kept it running a bit (battery was in really bad shape).

We did all the paperwork which took longer than expected because we in the Netherlands don’t have WOF (APK) for motorcycles so I just had my vehicle pass with info on it and insurance papers. After this it was onto to the WOF inspection, brakes, tyres, lights (luckily I installed an English headlight back in NL) and some other random stuff.

He couldn’t see the brakepads (all covered up) so he took my word for them being OK, and of he went for the brake test. Saw him leave with a neutral face but he came back with a smile ^^. Just proves that my little 51 is just a cute and fun plaything to travel around with.

So it was time to put the bike back into the truck, and once finished I realized I wouldn’t be able to get the truck back in time. Phoned the company, explained and they agreed that you can’t go from mt. Wellington to Rosedale in 45 minutes when leave at 16:45 (4:45pm). Especially if you still need to drop of a crate. For tiny fee I was allowed to bring it back on the morning of the 5th.

So yesterday it was the 5th, battery is still crap and I wanted to try to bring it back to life by riding just about 80km’s. Sadly after about 38km’s, this is what it looked like:

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But man I loved those couple of km’s that I did ride :D. Burned my hand on the exhaust, scraped my hand on some zip ties… life can’t get better ^^.


Luck just had it that Kevin Lewis from Motorcycle Recovery Specialists came by, and was nice enough to pick me up and drop of both me and the bike at home.

Will write some more about what happened in a new blog, once I have the little one up and running again.

Travel with Guzzi, bring your tools ^^.

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