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Although my bike looks similar to the civial Guzzi V50, it’s not. There are a couple of things that that are different which makes finding parts around the world basically impossible. The stuff I need for these bikes I get from MW-Motoren in the Netherlands, the place to go to for all things Guzzi V50 Nato. Do you want to know something about the Guzzi V50 Nato or want to buy something for these bikes… or get one yourself? Look no further because you’ve found it, he also has experience shipping a handful of the bikes to different parts of the world.

While out and about I ended up needing some parts for my front suspension. MW-Motoren was nice enough to donate the required parts and ship them to me in Christchurch. As a surprise for me he also sent:

  • Spark plugs
  • Clutch cable
  • Throttle Cables
  • Fork Seals

HMI-Moto (NL)

My go to place for all other non Nato Guzzi stuff. I’ve been using him ever since I got my license for the bike back in 2005 and not once has he failed me. If it wasn’t for him I would have been without a rideable safe bike many times. Learned quite a bit as well and still go there when I get the chance just to have a cup of coffee and try not to drool over the machines in his shop.

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  1. Het is bijna kerst Jeroen. Hoogste tijd voor een kerstpakket 😎
    Veel plezier en veilige kilometers V50 Nato knetterpot 💪


  2. Thanks Jeroen! Have a save journey ( of course; no worries…), we’re all going to miss you! Carpe diem, enjoy and keep in touch, love Tedje and Onno HMI

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