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Lyndon Poskitt – Races 2 Places (UK)

Got a chance to meet this guy in Dunedin where he was doing a presentation on his trip so far at the Otago Motorcycle Club. He’s travelling the globe with his trusty Basil bike doing professional races wherever he can. Mind you he tries to stay of the sealed roads as much as he can!

Heiko Gantenberg – Notch the World (D)

Met Heiko at the presentation that Lyndon did in Dunedin. Heiko is a tattooist who’s following the ink-trail on his bike “White Elephant” that is able to run all his tattooing equipment :O! I wanted to get a tattoo ever since I was a little kid but never knew what to get. After Lyndon’s presentation and a couple of days of riding it clicked with me. I contact Heiko and after I met up with him in Christchurch he put an epic tattoo on my leg. Good story, good tattoo, good feeling! I’d say he’s a master of the arts and definitely worth contacting if you want something along the way!

Mr. Mota Eastbound (NL)

This one is currently busy travelling the World, exploring NZ as I write this. This is what he has to say:

“I got my motorcycle license in 2010 and less than a year later in 2011 I was riding with a friend from the Netherlands to Istanbul and back. After that I have done a lot of riding in Southeast Asia and China.

After my time in Asia and Australia I was convinced that having your own mode of transport while traveling is the way to go. That the machine of choice would be a motorcycle was of course a forgone conclusion. Now I am on the ride of my life and it is madness.”

Guido & Lilian – There is no try (NL)

Bumped into them @ Tapotupotu campsite (Cape Reinga) in the very North of the North Island New Zealand. Probably the only 3 Dutch bikes in New Zealand at the time just happened to be at the very same location. Had the pleasure of bumping into them again a couple of more time in NZ. Finally meeting them again in the Netherlands after their trip was completed and I was on a little break from mine to say to friends and family.

Danielle Murdoch – Motomonkey Adventures (NZ)

I met Danielle at the Bannockburn Bikeweek 2016 where she held a presentation about her trip from Australia to Africa! At times resorting to making sketches because you weren’t allowed to take photos :O.

Paul van Hooff – Guzzi Gallore (NL)

He’s been travelling for quite some time on Guzzi V7 (19, vastly exceeding his initial timeline for his trip from Dead Horse Alaska to Argentina. His next trip is going to be overland to Tokyo!

Tim van Dalen – waar jij nu niet bent (NL)

This dude spent some time in NZ before he suddenly needed to get back to the Netherlands. He also has a Guzzi Nato and how he’s able to ride the little V50 with his length is still beyond me. Eventually he went back to NZ, get his V65 NTX on a plane to Nepal to ride home again. This one is all in Dutch for as far as I can see!

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